New Scribblenauts Video from Ideame

The videos keep coming, though unfortunately this one is off screen, and fairly bad quality.

You can listen to the presenter show off such items as a Swordfish and some kind of Sleeping Gun.

The second video from Ideame shows off snakes, prison, a Bazooka, and an Elephant:

On top of Ideame is also the San Diego Comic Con, and Game Trailers has some footage of that:

This trailer shows off a handful of new levels and objects, including one interesting one that has Maxwell try to hit multiple switches at once.

EBGames offers a Rooster Helmet with the pre-order of Scribblenauts

Why the heck do the Australians get such an awesome pre-order bonus?

New Official Trailer for Scribblenauts

Just to add to the overload of different videos preview we've gotten, we have the first new Scribblenauts trailer in months.

There's some reused footage, but also some new takes on puzzles we've seen before including using a Sniper Rifle to help an old man see, and a Helibackpack (which I never knew was an item in Scribblenauts or anything else for that matter).

One more thing:
Maxwell would make a horrible baby sitter.

Scribblenauts Releases September 15th in America (Sept 22nd in Europe)

Something that has been said in countless news and twitter posts, Scribblenauts will release September 15th in America. Just imagine, the game that most of us haven't heard of two months ago is now less than two months away. Can't wait

The Foreign Videos continue to flow

Twitter has made it a lot easier to keep track of these new videos popping up on non-English speaking sites (Scribblenauts is Scribblenauts in any langauge).

The latest video shows that even a person like a Pyromaniac can be generated. Not only will he burn down any building in his way (like a House), but he apparently has his own set of matches to get the job done. Luckily, you can call upon a SWAT agent to stop him (by the way, the grunting sounds both guys make when they attack each other are weirdly cute).

If they're willing to put such a specific "Villain" in the game, I wonder if they'll have something even less kid friendly (like murderer, or terrorist). What do you guys think?

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